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Talia Miele

I'm Talia Miele, a Food Blogger, Recipe Re-Creator, and trained Pastry and Personal Chef.

Talia Miele is a trained Personal and Pastry Chef, and Food Blogger. She has an all consuming love affair with food, as so many people do nowadays. Talia's idea of a great wedding anniversary this year was going to a Food Truck Invasion Party. Romantic huh? To each her own!  Her goal is to make Indulgent recipes and dishes into guiltless, enjoyable experiences. She works hard to keep family and friends healthy and satiated when enjoying her food. Food is love. Food is joy. Food is Fun. Food is life!Talia Miele is also a woman living with Fibromyalgia. Since the age of 15, she's struggled with the pain and fatigue that comes along with this illness. She has learned how important eating is as a treatment, and kept that in mind always when while developing new recipes. Please help spread the word about this invisible disease, and keep the awareness going. "The spirit cannot endure the body when overfed, but, if underfed, the body cannot endure the spirit." - St Frances de Sales Talia Miele
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